1. It would make much more sense if a picture of Obama was on the reverse. All Marxist/Socialist/Communists….

  2. A bunch of [dead] commie sh*theads, whose faces were placed on that sign by an idiot who would probably have been jailed for his behavior if he lived in the former Soviet Union. Maybe he/she needs to travel a little to the former Eastern Block to observe the left-overs of Communism.

    Thanks for posting this, Leo.

  3. Jeez, what’s with the rabid right-winger commenters coming in here all about?
    I thought this website was for folks interested in downtown Raleigh, not a political rally.

    For all you knee-jerk commenters know, the artist’s purpose could have been a statement criticizing communism. Ever think about that?

    Of course not. :-P

  4. RaleighRob, I think that enough left-wing posts have found their way into urban forums and sites. However, one good look at the photo Leo posted and you should be able to understand why the comments have a political twist. Many people fought against those commie bastards – and died. Out of respect for those and in knowing how much communism has hurt people, I think that our reaction towards the idiots who placed those stickers is natural.

    Of course, if George Bush’s face was there, it would have been fine to make similar comments, right?

  5. Interesting posts that got me thinking. First, I want to note that I am not for graffiti or defacing public (or private property of others). That noted, I think there is something appealing about the way this looks.

    Politically, I am not so much against Marx, as what was done under the title of “communism”. The Soviet Union, China, and others may call or have called themselves communist, but what I think what is most objectionable about them is the autocratic nature of the state, not necessarily the notion of communism. Trotski and Lenin proved to be extremely dangerous when they had power – but that again is more in-line with Russian history than anything Marx proposed. My final exam in Russian History was one question – was the Soviet Union more a result of Russia’s autocratic violent history, or of communism?

    One final thought – the fact that the images of these “characters” in history are being used in a retro-art sense to evoke history does not add strength to them historically. I think it makes a mockery of them. If this was accompanied by any call to action, that may be different.

  6. @DT: You don’t understand a darn thing, do you? Childish behavior, my friend. And, I know, I’m a child myself! NOW do you have any idea how full of crap that statement was?!?!

    @Ernest: No, it wouldn’t have. And I will leave it at that, at the risk of making myself look like an idiot.

    @RaleighRob: They’re all just pissed since their opinion doesn’t really have any power in the government anymore.

  7. Ari: Even if their opinion doesn’t have any power in government, you should defend their right to express it. And by the way, name calling is not cool.

  8. Ari – please explain it to me since you seem to have such a vast knowledge of history and governmental policy. Though I warn you, I would rip you to shreds in a policy debate.

    Were there pictures on the reverse? We only have a view of 3 of the 8 sides of the sign.

  9. You can see the three faces in the picture. Behind Lenin is a black skull. The other four sides are blank.

  10. @Lucy: OK. And please tell me what I said that qualified as “name calling”.

    @DT: That may be so. But it seriously pisses me off to see you just throw President Obama into that group. I understand you not liking his policies, but, please, keep horrible statements like that to yourself. Thanks.

    @Leo: AHA! Perhaps this means that what RaleighRob said may be correct?

  11. @Lucy: Well, it’s just that, I’m tired of all this degradation of President Obama. I am a child of color and it angers me relatively deeply to see the first black president scrutinized for no good reason.

  12. Ari- If it was for no good reason, then you would be fine. There are many good reasons why people have issues with him. What angers me is how so many “people of color”, as you say, support Obama simply because of his color. And if someone is critical of him, all of a sudden its about race. I certainly see why it is an important achievement for this country that we have a non-white President. However, supporting him for that reason alone is just as bad as someone not supporting him for his color. Whatever your opinion on Obama, you should realize that he is first and foremost a politician. You mentioned earlier that you are younger, so I assume you haven’t gotten to the point yet that you realize that no matter what the party, 99.9% of politicians are exactly the same, and Obama is one of them. He cares about expanding his power base and getting re-elected in 3.5 years. He’s doing alot of the exact same things Bush did, but since its Obama doing it now, all of a sudden its ok? As you grow up alittle bit you will realize that politics is not as it appears. Obama may be a pioneer in that he was the first non-white President, but thats about it. If you follow his policies more closely, you may not feel the same way. See…we can be civil, can’t we?

  13. I DO follow his policies, for your information. I think he’s helping out so-called “minorities” with his policies. For example, I believe a plan for government-run healthcare is being run through Congress right now.

    I find it rather interesting that is “angers” you that so many people support him because of his color. Well, for your information, it’s not just his color. We looked at his plan and his policies and made a decision. I think you’d have to be a person of color to understand that. We voted for him because he will start to reverse all of the mess that Reagan, Bush 41, and Bush 43 started and helped continue, respectively. President Clinton tried to fix it, but he got cut-off, so to speak.

    I believe the notion that “99.9% of politicians are exactly the same,” is totally false. And I will leave it at that.

    And yes, we can be civil.

  14. Ari, you last statements are totally out of touch with reality. Maybe you should listen more to people who actually lived and worked during the times of Reagan, Bush and Clinton. You have the right to have your illusions about Obama, but stop playing the race card. There are many successful black people out there who are Republicans/Conservatives and they could easily educate you in politics. Enough with the Obama crap…

  15. Ernest says: “Ari, you last statements are totally out of touch with reality. Maybe you should listen more to people who actually lived and worked during the times of Reagan, Bush and Clinton.”

    I do listen to people who lived and worked during the times of Reagan, Bush, and Clinton. I call them “Mom” and “Dad”. Both of my parents are 50-something educators. My father was a Vietnam Veteran and served in the U.S. Army for ten years. Today, he works for the state as an item writer for the public school system. He previously worked as a Social Studies professor at a private college and public high school in North Carolina. My mother was a research assistant at a laboratory in Houston, Texas. She also has experience as a teacher in the NC public school system. So, I’m informed. I have sources. Darn good objective sources. What do YOU have?

    Ernest says: “You have the right to have your illusions about Obama, but stop playing the race card.”

    I’m not playing the race card. It’s called “Telling it like it is.” And, they’re not illusions. Have you even read my posts? I’ve been to whitehouse.gov. And his other websites as well.

    Ernest says: “There are many successful black people out there who are Republicans/Conservatives and they could easily educate you in politics. Enough with the Obama crap…”

    I believe you would have to be black yourself to know about that. And it’s not crap. I really don’t care what your opinion is.

    Congratulations. You know the rest.

  16. Last time I checked this was the Raleigh Coinnesseur and not the DC or Beltway Connoisseur.

    Can we please get back to arguing about Raleigh developments instead of national politics?

  17. Ari, your parents’ background isn’t enough for me. My father was a veteran, too, and a Democrat who voted for Reagan. But I base my views on my own experience against which you obviously have little to offer. While I am not old enough to be your father – there may be a possibility – I am in my early 40’s, so I have enough experience, I think. Next time try to be a little more tolerant of other people’s ideas before you expect them to tolerate yours.

  18. I’m not sure if that signal rotates, but if it did it would be a nice Russian Revolution. :)

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