RalCon on the Radio

I was invited to be on ‘The State of Things’ on WUNC radio to talk about the comprehensive plan today. Listen in to me and the N&O’s David Bracken.


Run time: 11:10

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  1. Good work, Leo!!! I think that you said it all and I agree with you. It is wise to plan our future neighborhoods with public transit – at least the possibility of it – in mind. Well designed urban areas can only better the image of our city and create more functional communities, built for humans, not just cars.

  2. Congrats on this Leo. You made great points. Karl (Raleigh Boy) pointed out a pretty big shortcoming in transit plan – the lack of a rail stop at the airport. As it was explained to us by one of the planners, such a stop wouldn’t benefit residents as much as it would visitors, so it was left out.

    Anyhow, I think you should definitely move forward with some sort of weekly radio address of your own. A State of the City Address, maybe?

  3. I am hoping the airport gets more connectivity in the future. Right now, there is a shuttle that takes you to RTP and from there you ride out to Raleigh or Durham or wherever you go; IF you arrive during the day. At night, forget about it, you have to drive or catch a cab.

    A rail stop at the airport should come, but I think we should save it for version 2.0 and not the initial plan. I just don’t think the airport is busy enough to justify it right now. Only employees would use the rail line a lot (which isn’t much) and a handful of travelers. I could be wrong though.

    John, if I start the Oak City Podcast, you can be the first guest.

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