New Blog Design For Your Viewing Pleasure

I’ve completed transitioning the blog to an entirely new design. Long-time readers may recognize layout similarities between this new design and the old but there are a lot of new elements especially under the hood.

I started to work on updating the old WordPress theme that I was using but after some tweaks and frustration, I basically threw it out and re-built it all. The result is a much sleeker blog and it accounts for the variety of screens out there. The generic WordPress plugin for “mobile-friendly” has been deleted and now I control the look and feel on smaller screens. I very much enjoy going through the new site on tablets and users will now see larger photos and videos going forward.

The next project will be a complete re-do of the walking tour. I apologize for taking it down, analytics tell me it was ok, but it’ll be back and much improved.

I hope you enjoy the new site, version 3 by my count.

RalCon Gets A New Look

Sleek and simple is the new look I’m going for here. Those that have been reading the blog for awhile could have seen this coming and I’m really excited to get a new theme up and running. Hopefully there will be no major problems this week as the majority of the conversion has been done and I still have things to tweak. Report here if you see any problems with the website.