Raleigh’s Signature Music Festival

The Spring weekend events have slowed down and in the thick of summer, people tend to travel more, at least I do. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good “staycation” in Raleigh but it’s good to get away from time to time. This weekend I’ll be in Baltimore for the Virgin Music Festival and I cannot help dream of the possibility of a huge music event here in Raleigh. I’m not talking about concerts at TWC pavilion but a multi-stage, multi-day event that draws people from in and outside of the country. If you have been to one, then you know what I mean and already know the difference.

A new amphitheater is coming on this block

Downtown will probably not hold this kind of event although we are stepping up. The upcoming amphitheater tent that will go up across the street from the convention center will be a big plus to the downtown music options.

What about the Dix property? Now there is a bold statement. I would bet that the idea of hosting a music festival here would receive a lot of opposition from Raleighites but the area is perfect for actually doing it. With a really expansive green landscape and a touch of urban with the buildings of downtown towering over, the Dix property could one day host such an event. It would provide a unique setting compared to other big name festivals. Coachella has their rolling mountains around the polo fields of Indio, California, Lollapalooza has the skyscrapers of Chicago in Grant Park, Raleigh can have its green landscape with huge trees and a buzzing city around it.

Maybe. Maybe not. Anyway, had to throw that thought out there.

Could you ever see a stage like this in Raleigh?

Support Your Local Music

Chris Suiter playing Sunday night at The Hibernian

Downtown weekend activity has been soaring. It feels like there are more events going on now that the weather has been playing nicely. It might be safe to say that we can expect a sizeable event every Saturday from here on out until the temperature starts going down this winter. This means more traffic and more people walking around. No doubt we all love the weekend, but there are also pockets of activity forming during the week. I think the music scene goes hand in hand with these weekday gatherings at the bar or at your local venue.

I want to ask the community what their favorite spot for weekday music is in downtown and get conversation going on the topic. Do you like seeing an acoustic cover act at the pub or a local band create chaos on stage? Is there not enough of it downtown?