Transit for a Better Wake County

The video above is from the good people at Capital Area Friends of Transit. They are gearing up for another push to get transit moving forward and if that’s something you are into, take 20 seconds and sign their petition.

2012 saw heated debates on the subject and if you are new to the conversation, jump over to the Raleigh Public Record for more reading on the topic.

Talk of public transit, or at least of the elusive commuter rail, in Raleigh and Wake County has almost gotten to the level of a bad joke. But there is more to public transit than just commuter trains. There are more busses, bicycles, car-share programs and more up for discussion on the city, county and regional levels.

*Talk of Transit Never Quits

Supporters are hoping this is the year for it to happen. What was missing before and is now in the debate is local business. The video above features Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst supporting transit for the county. The county commission may not be listening to citizens. Maybe they will listen to big business.