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The 400H building is now complete. Maybe not technically but as far as I’m concerned as a downtown regular it is. The sidewalks are open and recently the Downtown Raleigh Alliance posted that residents are moving in. Now we wait for some ground-floor shops.

We’ve been following this development for quite some time now and I really like it for a variety of reasons but the main one being it’s mixed-use nature.

First, as mentioned, the residents. 200 homes are offered here in the building with all the usual amenities like a pool and gym. The views are probably fantastic. The block formerly had zero residents and now it will have hundreds, continuing the “neighborhoodification” of downtown Raleigh. That’s more residents supporting our local businesses nearby.

Second, I love that the building has a lot less parking than others downtown. Now this is kind of cheating as they added additional floors to a nearby parking deck, the powerhouse square deck, to accommodate more vehicles. That’s ok with me because I see an individual parking deck as something that can be replaced in the future but a mixed-use tower is something that’ll be here for the rest of my life and beyond most likely.

Next comes the office space. This is more interesting than a “thing I like” really as I think 400H represents the last larger office development for downtown Raleigh for awhile. These projects were planned before and during the COVID pandemic and we’re here now, in 2024, seeing the last office space open up. I am pretty sure, as I write this, that there is 0 new office space being worked on at the moment. You could argue that the only thing that counts as new office space is the upcoming City of Raleigh Municipal Tower but I see that as more of a consolidation and modernization, as well as a way to save money, project than adding new space to the existing landscape.

So with all that said, cheers to 400H and welcome to downtown!

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