Acoustics Problem At The Downtown Amphitheater?

Click to see the video on Vimeo.

I was walking around the site for the new Downtown Raleigh Amphitheater last night and was lucky enough to see, actually hear, something rather interesting. For those at work that cannot play or hear the video above, I’ll try to explain it.

I was standing in the amphitheater taking pictures of the shimmer wall last night, the gate was conveniently wide open, and the daily train, the Piedmont, was sounding its horn while moving on the tracks behind me. If you listen to the video above, the very loud horn echoes off what has to be the convention center. You’ll hear it once, then again immediately after. If it is in fact an echo, then thinking about where the stage will sit, the speakers will be facing the convention center, and hello, echo!

Now I’m not saying this will or will not happen during shows at the amphitheater, hopefully acoustics were taken into account when the place was designed. It was just very interesting to hear a loud echo from the train’s horn last night when standing in what will be the main seating area.

Take it however you want.

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  1. Several people pointed this out when the design of the amphitheater was released. Like you said, hopefully this was taken into consideration.

  2. Cole,

    The train was moving south from the station on Cabarrus and I saw it on the tracks going over Dawson Street.

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