1. This looks amazingly look the diner in my hometown of Santa Maria, CA. Perhaps all such diners look the same? Albums, check. Car coming out of the wall, check. Red booths, check. Checkered floor, check.

  2. Food looks good, nice atmosphere, but never got to enjoy it yesterday (left, did not want to wait). Place is too small and cramped (waiting area is also small). Long wait for a seat.

  3. As a woman who put herself through college by hostessing and waiting tables, I’m always amused by the “instant gratification” that seems to be so pervasive in our culture today. People are so self-absorbed, inattentive and distracted by the immediacy of text, email, cell phones, dvrs, video on demand and the like that they are unwilling to wait for ANYTHING! I loved working in the restaurant business and never understood guests who were expected immediate seating and then food within 5-10 minutes at a sit-down, table service restaurant where food is cooked to order! If you want fast food, go to a drive-through! Or try a chain restaurant at the mall with a 1-2 hour wait, if you would prefer…

  4. Most sit-down restaurants downtown have reservations…I would recommend that to someone who doesn’t like to wait.

    This is a diner though, so you know that you’re taking a gamble on whether you’d get to sit immediately. If you’re going on say, a Friday night…expect to wait. This place is pretty popular! If you’re going mid-afternoon on a weekday, you’ll probably have better luck. Or, since it’s 24 hours, try 4am! ;-)
    Just use common sense. (We found the same to be true with Flying Biscuit opened and everyone was telling us we should try it—we had to come back at a slower time to get in.)

    That said, I imagine in the warmer months it’ll be even easier to get in. They have almost more outdoor seats than indoor so hopefully that will help accommodate more customers—assuming they beef up the staff numbers at the same time.

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