Two-way Conversion of Lenoir and South St.

Approved back in September of 2007, the two-way conversion of Lenoir and South streets is another bullet point on the long list of changes that surround the new Raleigh Convention Center. The entire street will not be converted; just a couple blocks around the downtown core. Lenoir will be a two-way street from South Saunders to Wilmington and South will get the same treatment between Dawson and Wilmington. See it on a map.

This is no surprise that these changes are for visitors to easily navigate to and from the new convention center and Marriott hotel. The three major southern downtown entrances are covered with South Saunders, McDowell, and Wilmington streets having two-way access to Lenoir. Dawson St. is a major thoroughfare for visitors coming from the north on Capital BLVD.

New streetlights are up around the convention center on Lenoir St.

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  1. Although on the bright side, it looks like some of the new signals they’re adding to Lenoir and South (to make them two-way) includes upgraded pedestrian signals.

  2. Pedestrians beware! I was out late photographing downtown and ended up walking by this the other night while it was really dark out. Sidewalk access disappears and pedestrians get unceremoniously dumped into the street!! Pedestrians have not been taken into consideration during this construction so it’s particularly dangerous to be walking in this area, especially at night.

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