Taz’s Super Market Coming Soon

I really think CVS is missing a big opportunity here and their hours have not adjusted to the night and weekend crowds at all. Taz’s Super Market is almost fully stocked and it looks like they will be opening soon on the 200 block of Wilmington St. If their hours are anything like the smaller store two blocks down the street then we will all be able to grab some essential items at any convenient hour of the day.

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  1. Today (Friday) is supposed to be the ‘soft opening’ as Taz put it. He said he’s going to work up to staying open until 2 AM as well. Time for a 6 pack.

  2. Go Taz go! Will be awesome if he can make it work late night for those 6 pack pickups.

    Seems like downtown may be ready for this kind of thing very soon as more people move into the immediate downtown area. I could also see people stopping in late night before hopping a cab or ride home.

  3. I, for one, am ecstatic to see this place go up. I’ve been following this place closely. Here’s to getting a cool beverage downtown without having to go into a bar/restaurant!

    Not that I don’t enjoy bars and restaurants, but late night retail is one of the most lacking areas downtown.

  4. taaaaaaaaaz is taking over the block. i believe there is another new wilmington st. taz’s opening soon in addition to this one across from Brass Grill… three taz’s in a few blocks is pretty intense.

  5. That’s excellent. I mean, if you have all these new residential buildings coming up in downtown, where are you going to go that’s nearby to get your groceries? In the ‘burbs, there’s a Food Lion or Harris-Teeter right around the corner.

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