Big Drafts at Natty Greene’s In Downtown Raleigh

The landmark of powerhouse square in Glenwood South, the Raleigh Electric Company Power House building, has been empty for over a year now but that will all change soon. Greensboro based Natty Greene’s has moved in and will open very soon. The furniture is in place, the beer tanks are brewing, and staff training is […]

Pic of the Week

Natty Greene’s is setting up their Raleigh location on Jones Street in the Raleigh Electric Company building. According to a lady who worked the Natty Greene’s tasting booth at the beer tent during Raleigh Wide Open 4, they are planning to open in January. Cheers!

BeerCon: The Busy Bee Cafe

The Busy Bee Cafe has returned to downtown Raleigh but with a different flair then its earlier setup in the same location back in the early 1900’s. Open early for the morning, coffee lovers and late for the night owls, the Busy Bee has an extensive menu for any time of the day. A beer […]

BeerCon: Wine Specials in Downtown Raleigh

Wine! (picture by Abbyladybug) BeerCon does not have to be all about tasty suds. As I close in on my 200th beer at The Flying Saucer, I’ve been recently thinking that wine would be a taste I want to improve on. I’m terrible at tasting wine, which is expected because I drink very little of […]

BeerCon: Boylan Bridge Brewpub

The Boylan Bridge Brewpub is a brewpub near the Boylan bridge. (duh!) Anyway, besides the simple name, the ‘bridgepub’ deserves a visit by any beer fan in downtown Raleigh. The beer is brewed on site and they serve a variety of styles from their lighter colored Gaston Golden to the darker Bruno Bitter. You can […]

BeerCon: Foundation

Foundation sits below the sidewalks of the 200 block of Fayetteville St. and is a real highlight to the downtown drinking scene. The menu has some tasty, handmade cocktails and a very thorough list of bourbon. The beer list is short, but Foundation does serve some of the better beers brewed in this state and […]

Raleigh World Beer Festival – Tickets

Raleigh World Beer Festival – Tickets

BeerCon: Tobacco Road Sports Café

Tobacco Road Sports Café is the newest Glenwood South restaurant that has set up shop in the 222 Glenwood building. This is a great place to plan an outing around watching sports. The main room is very open and there are TV’s at every angle. They also have a private room which you can reserve […]

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