Downtown Raleigh Restaurant Refresh

This list is always popular so here is a new one for you to glance over. We have always talked about the new restaurants and bars that have opened or are planning to open in the coming months. This time, it is important to notice that a list of recent closings can be made. Has […]

Small Glenwood South Update

I took a walk down Glenwood South last night and kept my eyes open for new stuff. The signs in the pictures above were at the building on Glenwood and Tucker. Some other points: The corner space of 222 Glenwood is still empty. This can also be made into two spaces but right now the […]

New Stuff For Your Weekend

A couple new places have opened up in downtown Raleigh recently and they deserve your attention, especially for the BeerCons out there. Think of them when you are out this weekend. Boylan Bridge Brewpub Microbrew beer and bar food. The “bridgepub” (I think this is the term that is catching on) wins the award for […]

“Proprietor Andrew Leager said he’s excited to finally begin serving customers his…”

“Proprietor Andrew Leager said he’s excited to finally begin serving customers his custom-brewed beer.”

Boylan Bridge Brewpub opens today (finally)… | projects

Another Rooftop Bar For Glenwood South

Last week, the Triangle Business Journal had an article claiming that new restaurants are on the way to Glenwood South. 500 Glenwood Ave., a two story office building, will be getting a makeover and will house three new restaurants. A Carolina Ale house will be thrown onto the roof and Solas’s title of ‘Only Rooftop […]

Pic of the Week

On the 200 block of Fayetteville St. are some stairs leading below ground. If you went to see the art on display this past weekend during sparkCon, or you’ve got sweet, homeboy connections, you were able to see the great space deep in downtown Raleigh’s “foundation”. It doesn’t take a genius to see the framework […]

Drink Cherry Bounce at Deep South

Deep South is serving up some Cherry Bounce. You may remember them from this BeerCon Post. If you are not familiar with the Raleigh history around the drink, read: In the late 1700s, North Carolina legislators traveled to rotating capital cities to meet and conduct the state’s official business. So how did an oak-shaded area […]

Opening Date For Boylan Bridge Brewpub

I need to give props to a reader, Kyle, for the tip. I’m pretty excited about this one. The Boylan Bridge Brewpub will open on AUGUST 25, 2008. That’s right, in 53 drinking days we will serve our first beer. (43 drinking days if you skip Sunday, 35 drinking days if you don’t drink on […]

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