Downtown Raleigh Employment Breakdown

Last one from the 2016 State of Downtown Raleigh report. Here is the employment breakdown by different sectors. When comparing it to the figure from 2015, there are just a few changes to note: In 2015, government employees made up over half of downtown workers. This year, the amount has fallen below 40%. In 2015, […]

2016 Downtown Raleigh Population Numbers

Here is some more data from the 2016 State of Downtown Raleigh report. This time, about downtown’s population numbers. We’re at an estimated 7,000 residents in the downtown area and projected to cross 10,000 in less than four years. That’s between 1% and 2% of the overall city population, 3% and 4% if you bump […]

Stat of the Week

Click for larger You’ve got to have a healthy downtown in order to have a healthy city. This stat taken from the 2016 State of Downtown Raleigh report.

What $1.1 Billion Dollars Looks Like

I’m pulling out some interesting factoids from the 2016 State of Downtown Raleigh report. There is over $1.1 billion worth of completed, under construction, or planned developments in downtown Raleigh. What does that look like? Below is the list. I’m proud to say that this blog has hit almost every one of them. I’ll try […]

Reading Through the 2015 Downtown Hotel Market Study

In December 2014, the city started the process on a downtown hotels feasibility study. These efforts were to understand the Raleigh hotel market better and determine the benefits of going after another large hotel in the downtown area in order to support much larger conventions than we have today. It has been widely talked about […]

The State of Downtown Employment

Here’s a quick one as I glance through the 2015 State of Downtown Raleigh report. Click for a larger view. I’d love to see this exact table broken out into two smaller tables, north of the State Capitol and south of the State Capitol.

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