Blogging Experiment: RalCon Meets Virtual Reality

Email readers: This blog post has a image in it. I recommend you click through to the site to see it.

It’s the future!

Well not quite. This post is more a test than anything new but personally, I’m getting into virtual reality and thought I’d try something for the blog.

The embedded “immersive photo experience” above shows a 360 degree view of the state capitol and Fayetteville Street on an early weekend morning. Click and drag your way around right here in the browser.

While the technology isn’t bleeding edge, it is kind of amazing that I built that using my smartphone. It reminds me of a Google street view image and now that I can build them myself, there might be some opportunities to drop in a very up-to-date view right here on the site.

For all the readers reading RalCon through your virtual reality headsets (all zero of you according to my analytics) I’m still trying to figure out how to pair this experience with a full headset. The full-screen option doesn’t look good on my Samsung Gear VR but my reading says it should work on a Google cardboard. For anyone else that might be into it, I’d love the feedback.

Let me know what you think and we’ll see where this goes. Expect a few more in the coming weeks as I tinker around with it.

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Looks good on my Google cardboard! Bring more VR images please.

works on my pc but not my mac

John532, which browser?

Does not work with Chrome on MacBook Air. Does work on PC with FireFox.

Works fine on my Macbook Pro using Chrome.

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